Couples that play together stay together.

As a child, toys always gave us pleasure whether it was that Barbie doll or shiny toy train, that feeling of happiness will always be cherished.  So as an adult why not imitate that feeling of sheer delight and invest in a sex toy to enhance satisfaction and increase the bond between you and your partner.

Many women and men use sex toys and research suggests that those who use them actually report higher levels of sexual satisfaction.  So you’re probably wondering where do you start? There are thousands of different size, shape and priced toys and it can be a little overwhelming.

Firstly start by talking to your partner, it is important to talk openly and honestly about your interests and desires. Try to not approach hot topics right before or after sex as your hormones and emotions are running high. Be mindful that we are all sensitive about our sex lives so make sure you give them plenty of compliments, reassurance, and appreciation so it’s not perceived as a complaint.

It is always best to start with a small toy; something that is not threatening as some men can be intimidated by the thought of a toy “replacing him”.  We suggest starting with a bullet vibrator, nothing penis shaped or too large. A bullet vibrator can be used during foreplay to stimulate erogenous zones on both male and female and can also be placed on the clitoris during intercourse when reaching climax to heighten her orgasm.

When looking for a bullet vibrator, we suggest choosing one that is rechargeable as having your toy run out of batteries can really kill the mood. Choosing a toy that is waterproof will also give you more options to get intimate, like the shower, bath or spa – so you no longer have any excuses not to get kinky!

If you are looking for a hands -free couples toy we suggest investing in the We-Vibe Sync.  A toy designed to be worn during sexual intercourse that stimulates the G-Spot, the clitoris and the penile shaft. It is waterproof, rechargeable, comes with a remote control and there is also a free app that allows you to control your partners orgasms from anywhere in the world. Sync it to your favourite music to enhance your intimate session.

The We-Vibe Sync can be purchased through our online store.

No need to procrastinate any longer because you deserve a stimulating sex life.


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